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I don't like confusing legal documents, so I'll be clear.

1. The search tools used here do no harm to their respective sites.
All search tools on Blinkdash simply serve as interactive links to their respective sites. For example, every time you do a search, you get taken directly to, where they get all the traffic and credit for their work. The same goes for all other sites that are searchable from Blinkdash. Blinkdash is a convenient speed-dial for you, and it's free exposure for them. It's one of those rare situations in life where everybody wins.

2. I'm not responsible for what you search for.
This one's self explanatory. If you search for bad stuff, I'm not responsible.

3. Blinkdash is not affiliated with other sites,
nor does it reflect the opinions of other sites. It just gives you quick access to them.

4. I don't use your information. Period.
I don't store it. I don't see it. I don't want it, and frankly it would cost too much time and money to handle. Your preferences stay on your computer for your use only.

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