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Frequently Asked Questions

In case you were wondering...

1. What is Blinkdash?

It's a simple page that you can customize with your favorite links and search tools.

2. Why should I use this page?

Many other start pages are just a collection of distractions. Widgets, feeds, headlines, and games might seem nice, but a start page should help you get where you want to go instead of tempting you into distractions that can waste hours of your time. Blinkdash is for people who think a start page should be a launchpad, not an obstacle.

3. How do I set as my home page?

Internet Explorer: Go to the Tools menu, then click Internet Options. The rest should be self-explanatory.
Mozilla Firefox: Click the icon on the left of the web address and drag it left to the house icon.
Safari: For instructions, click here.
Google Chrome For instructions, click here.
Other browsers: I don't know. Sorry.

4. How do I customize my links and search tools?

See that button in the upper-left corner that says CUSTOMIZE? Click it.

5. How can I make my links and search results appear in new tabs or windows?

Once again, see that button in the upper-left corner that says CUSTOMIZE? Click it. Once you're on the customization page, there will be a box you can check.

6. What if my preferences won't save?

Make sure cookies are enabled on your browser. A cookie is a small text file that saves your preferences on your computer so that the site will show up the way you want it to whenever you visit.

7. What if my links aren't showing up?

Make sure you've typed in both a name and web address (URL) for each link you want to include.

8. What if my questions weren't answered?

Feel free to contact me. I'll do my best to give you a helpful response!

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